More body love

Hi Lovely,

My name is Michelle and Opal Celestial is all about enhancing the sacred feminine. To allow women to restore their relationship between mind and body by shifting thoughts and old patterns. To amplify their positive powers and transform the feminine energy with full awareness and pride.
'Through lifestyle photos, nudes and colorful retreat pictures, I hope to bring more body love, self-compassion, and awareness.'

Feel free to contact me when you have any questions or wish to co-create

Wild Feminine Nude series


Nude photography is a therapeutic experience that works deeply healing on all kinds of levels, for women of all ages. Most of us are indoctrinated by society's image of a woman's body. These altered images are affecting the way people look and act upon themselves, resulting in becoming depleted and tired from having a distorted perception of what 'beauty' is. Now the question arises what is beauty to you?

There is a significant movement in the media of people showing their ‘real’ unfiltered bodies. And to be honest, most of us are done with unrealistic body images that are thrown at us. We all encourage this change, but when it comes to showing ourselves, we rather hide our insecurities.


Together we will work through the three phases of your transformation.

The first act of liberation you will experience by standing in front of the camera and coming in touch with your inner goddess. 

In the second phase, you will receive the pictures. And you will be invited to shift your perception and make peace with your body, even more so, you will have the chance to fall in love with your body. 

Look with an open mind and embrace your true self. 

During the third phase, you can share your pictures with your loved one or even the people around you. Truly shine your light.